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The problem with many touring companies is end result is a vacation that is not suited to your personal tastes. There may be nothing wrong, per se, with the trip, but at the end you may wish you had spent the time and money differently. will change that. Where many other Egypt tour companies offer trips for mass enjoyment, we tailor every package to your specific needs. If you want to spend several days in one location, experience 5-star deluxe Nile cruises or combine the trip to see several countries we can accommodate your needs. Jordan, Kenya, Egypt, Israel tour combinations are all available. Simple decide where you want to go and what you want to see and we will take care of the details!


Egypt, Israel tour available

For people of faith and people interested in historical sites, there is no better combination that an Egypt, Israel tour. In this package you will walk where pharaohs walked and see temples and ruins that have been around for thousands of years. Imagine walking where leaders of the Jewish and Christian faiths walked and seeing the same places they visited regularly. Could there be anything better? On a Nile cruise, you will live for several days with the same scenery that Cleopatra and Caesar saw! The best part is, no matter what size your party is, you'll travel with one-on-one service. You deserve to get the most from your time, especially the time you spend away from work and home, which is why Egypt tour companies like ours tailor trips to your tastes and no one else's!


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