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Be prepared: Egypt vacation package

Before leaving on holiday, there are things that should be known about the country you are visiting such as how locals dress, the kind of money you'll need or weather conditions. We include this information for your assistance when booking an Egypt vacation package. To get into the country, you must have a valid passport. These entry visas may be obtained at most major ports of entry or from the Egyptian Diplomatic and Consular Missions Abroad or the Entry Visa Department. While in the country, having the right monetary amounts is very important so check your available cash daily for tipping and paying for small purchases. Tipping can be very confusing, especially in a foreign country. Here are a few guidelines: tipping porters should usually be $0.50 per bag per person, a chamber maid should be tipped $1 per person per day and a waiter/waitress should be tipped $1.50 per person. Guides should be tipped at the rate of $2 per person per half-day. There is more about Egypt and Kenya tour package tipping below.

Egypt and Kenya tour package tipping

Tipping local guides and drivers is a bit different than tipping wait staff or maid because these people are providing a service. An escort or coordinator should be tipped around $5 per person per day and as mentioned above, local guides should be tipped $2 per person per half-day. You will also encounter drivers, private car tours and cruise staff. Taxi drivers who also provide baggage handling should receive tips of $3 per person per day, whereas private car drivers should be tipped at the rate of $14 per person per day. Finally on the Egypt and Kenya tour package, cruise personnel should be tipped at $3 per person per day. Tips for other personnel who assist throughout your Egypt vacation package may be made at your own discretion.


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