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Plan luxury Nile cruises

Planning of an Egyptian vacation must include a cruise along the great river. In sailing ships, you will visit the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of Queens. First, the Valley of the Kings. These beautifully painted royal tombs house kings, queens and other noblemen from the New Kingdom, which lasted from 1500 B.C. until 1070 B.C. The most famous is King Tutankhamen's tomb. The Valley of the Kings is a must see for all Egypt Nile tours. The Valley of the Queens is another must see location. Housing the mummies of queens, concubines, royal children and other high officials, this valley is also very well known. There are 80 tombs, but many are not inscribed. However the artistry in the painting rivals that of the painting in the Valley of the Kings. The most famous sight here is the tomb of Nefertiri, which was reopened in 1995. Learn more about the amenities of luxury Nile cruises below

Grand accommodations on Egypt Nile tours

A huge misnomer in the travel industry is that all accommodations on cruisers are small and uncomfortable. That is simple untrue, especially when you plan a trip through We work with the Oberoi lines, which offer luxury Nile cruises. The accommodations range from deluxe cabins with a spacious 19.75 square meters of space to deluxe suites with more than 35 square meters of space. Whether you are traveling with a partner, an entire family or an extended group of friends, there are accommodations available that are beautifully appointed and luxurious in nature. Egypt Nile tours should be as luxurious as the sights that you will see on the journey. By planning your own trip, hotel and ship stays, you will travel in style!


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