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Plan it: Nile River cruise

Sailing the Caribbean or Mediterranean may be popular destination points, but though both areas are lovely parts of the world, they do not compare to Egyptian cruises along the Nile River. Cruise on Sonesta or Oberoi luxury vessels on trips you have planned for your own tastes. Sonesta Nile cruises last three, four, six or seven nights and will take you to places such as

  • Luxor
  • Aswan
  • Temple of Madinat Habu
  • Temple of Hathor in Dendara
and other fantastic sights. During the day, you will partake in guided excursions through temples and ruins with your own Egyptologist. At night, you'll enjoy beautiful sights as the ship continues upriver. There are 5,000 years of history to be seen along the journey, along with amazing vistas. Plan your Sonesta Nile cruises no

Must Experience: Sonesta Nile Cruises

Cruise your way to relaxation as you have never experienced on a sailing vessel or riverboat on the Nile River! With a Nile River Cruise, you will travel from Luxor to Aswan, seeing amazing temples built thousands of years in the past but preserved so that you can still experience what they were like when first built. In the Valley of the Kings, you will see Tutankhamen's tomb and in the Valley of the Queens, experience beauty at Nefirtiri's tomb. At Philae, you'll see the rebuilt ruins of a temple moved because of the growth of the Egyptian population and at Karnak you will experience peace in a temple complex that covers four acres of land! There is simply nothing else like Sonesta Nile cruises. When booking a trip through, you will experience one-on-one service, tailor made tours and private tour packages


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